A New Paint Job Makes A Home Or Commercial Building Look New Again

If you want a fresh new look for your home or commercial space without moving or rebuilding, consider hiring a local paint contractor to repair and paint interior walls or the building exterior. Painting is much more affordable than moving to a new building and gives all the rooms a fresh clean look. But the painting contractor needs to do the needed prep work before painting for the best results.

Painting Projects And More

In addition to any interior painting peoria il projects, local painting contractors can repair damaged Sheetrock. They can remove wallpaper and paste. The painting contractor may do lead paint abatement or work with a lead abatement contractor. The best paint contractors can create faux finishes for special walls and areas of a building.

The same company that paints the building interior can also be hired to give the exterior a new coat of paint. They will clean and prepare all surfaces before they apply a full coat of new paint to the building and all of its trim. This is an opportunity to improve first impressions.

Painting Yourself

Some homeowners decide to take on the interior painting job themselves. Make sure you have the basic painting skill set before attempting this job. Seek information on how to paint correctly to avoid costly mistakes. Every paint job will require preparation such as moving furniture away from the walls and covering it for protection. The painter must use drop cloths to protect flooring and painters tape along trim and the ceiling line.

Before dipping a paintbrush in the container, stir the paint thoroughly. Then use the correct tools for the job. The walls must be clean and patched or repaired to form a smooth unblemished surface before painting can begin. The repaired areas or the whole wall may need to be primed before the topcoat of paint is applied.

New drywall must be primed with a water-based primer. Wood paneling and water or smoke damaged areas need an oil-based primer. Then the existing paint type should be determined. It makes a difference. Test the paint with a cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol. If paint comes off on the ball, it is latex. If the paint is oil-based, it will need to be primed before acrylic or latex paint can be applied.

When the walls are properly prepared, paint with the right equipment and avoid paint drips, runs and overlaps that show. Paint carefully and don’t get paint on trim, floors or the ceiling. Apply an even full coat. If the coverage is not complete, apply a second coat.

Avoid Bad Paint Jobs

If after you hired a contractor and then get bad results, there are signs of a bad paint job and the need to file a complaint or prepare for repainting properly. Demand proper painting preparation and techniques in a contract. Trouble signs include lack of wall preparation, failure to prepare the room and protect floors and furniture, Wall stains and flaws are visible through the paint. The paint is not washable and may be blotchy, streaky, or blistering. You may need to hire a professional painter to correct the defective job.