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What Does A Urogynecologist Do?

A urogynecologist is a surgeon who specializes in urology and gynecology or in taking care of women’s disorders on the pelvic area.

A woman’s internal organs which is composed of the bladder, uterus, vagina, and many others is supported by the pelvic floor.

A weakened pelvic or teared connective tissues which are due to childbirth, menopause, excessive strain, and other strenuous activity is what causes pelvic floor disorder. In addition, there are also other causes of pelvic floor disorder which includes cigarette smoking, genetics, and repetitive heavy lifting.

Damages on the pelvic floor are often caused by these:

Incontinence: urine or feces leakage or the loss of control of bowel and bladder.
Prolapse: the slipping downward of a certain pelvic organ like the uterus, rectum or vagina.’
Emptying Disorders: having a hard time urinating or moving bowels.
Pain: unpleasant feeling in the lower back of the body like the pelvis, the bladder or the urethra.
Overactive Bladder: sudden urge to urinate, or the frequency to void, and pressure in the bladder
Fistulas: a hole made to create a passage between a tubular and hollow organs of the body.
How can a urogynecologist be of any professional help to you?
These people are physicians who are doing residency with Urology and Obstetrics and Gynecology after they are done with their medicine studies. These individuals are serving added years of fellowship training to gain a certification in Reconstructive Surgery 1 and Female Pelvic Medicine. The training includes being able to provide professional help on evaluating, diagnosing and treating conditions which affects the muscle and connective tissues of a female reproductive organ. Urogynecologists should research about the latest theories pertaining to these conditions.

When Would Be the Best Time to See a Urogynecologist?
Even supposing you request the assistance of your obstetric gynecologist and your urologist, it is still a better option to seek the help of an expert urogynecologist. You should consult a urogynecologist if a doctor specializing in another medical field recommends you to, or when you have pelvic problems such as overactive bladder, prolapse, emptying disorders and others. Problems which include emptying of the bladder or the rectum, pain in the pelvic, fistulas and such must give you an idea to see the urologists immediately.

What are the Types of Treatmnet Can a Urogynecologist Offer You?
Symptoms of pelvic floor disorders and back pains can be relieved by urogynecologists through kinds of therapies. You need to choose one who can suit your style and at the same time help you best.

Most of the time the effects that are made by a urogynecologist to your body can improve your daily lifestyle. He or she may ask you to undergo surgical or non-surgical procedures depending on the needs of your body and severity of your situation.

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