The Importance Of Maintaining A High Level Of Sanitation

When we talk about sanitation, water is always involved. Water is a necessity that sustains human life. It’s also a resource that can endanger human and animal life if not properly treated and maintained. Additionally, water affects the rest of the ecosystem. It’s widely used hence affecting every living organism. Clean water is the best preferred for drinking. Sanitation plays a major role in maintaining good health.

Water which is contaminated causes a lot of water-borne illnesses like cholera and causes those affected to diarrhea profusely. Stagnant water is also a carrier and a breeding body for mosquitoes which spread epidemics like malaria in humans and other diseases in animals. Random open defecation degrades good sanitation. Human fecal material pollutes and fouls the environment and acts as a catalyst for spreading diseases. According to bodies governing health (World Health Organization), there are nations with a high percentage of open defecation. India leads the list because of its population where a lot of people are poor and can’t afford to put up latrines.

Good sanitation and access to clean food and water for drinking are crucial for a family’s well-being. Sanitation prevents and curbs the spread of enteric diseases and even boost children’s health. Healthy children are the future of tomorrow’s society. A healthy child will be able to retain the ability and also learn better. Most girls avoid going to learning institutions with poor sanitation. If good sanitation is at the disposal of every family member, then there is a guarantee for literacy. UNICEF recorded that sanitation contributes positively to the life of all females. An area that has good sanitation records 10% increase of female literacy. This can see a country’s economy growing by at least 0.3%.

Good sanitation and clean drinking water Is not a guarantee that infections will be prevented if hygiene is not well practiced. Washing hands sounds like a very simple habit, but it can go a long way towards preventing and curbing various illnesses. In the absence of good hygiene, stored water may act as a breeding zone for infections. Rapid urbanization in countries with a large population is a major reason as to why governments are straining to provide clean water for drinking and building infrastructure like toilets which serve as an effective sanitation measure. However, governments have visited a septic system pumping milton fl to try to revert this situation which is majorly contributed by urbanization.

Corporations and various organizations have taken it as their own initiative and try to educate masses about good sanitation. Other organizations have started programs which are targeting low-income societies teaching them about the health risk associated with poor sanitation. Poor sanitation has seen many people die because of contracting illnesses such as cholera. These organizations are teaching and educating these masses on how to adopt measures that are aimed at maintaining good hygiene. Example of these lessons is to wash hands after every visit to the toilet. These programs will also build capacities and raise children that are literate therefore supporting the economy of a country.